About Us

Welcome to Flagstaff No. 7, where we effort to answer the question, “What does Masonry have to offer?”

Freemasonry is about self-discovery and improvement, rooted in the values of virtue, integrity, and charity. The journey is personal, and the rewards are unique to each brother.

While we value the rich traditions and teachings of Freemasonry, we’re also aware of the curiosity it sparks. Conspiracy theories and sensational stories may surround us, but we invite those genuinely interested to explore the truth within our lodge, learning from the experiences shared by our dedicated brothers.

Join us at Flagstaff No. 7 to unravel the mysteries, embrace the lessons, and celebrate the diverse perspectives that make Freemasonry a dynamic and enduring institution. Together, we will build a legacy of enlightenment, camaraderie, and service

Where should a seeker start?

Start here: Not Just a Man. A Mason.

Then, contact us and together we’ll plan a visit to our Lodge. You’ll meet Masons who will be happy to answer any question you have and give you a tour of the Lodge.

Some other fantastic resources for seekers of Masonry below:

Freemasonry for Dummies by Christopher Hodapp
Do not take the title as an insult. Many members of our fraternity have attested that this book has lessons to teach, even for those already initiated. We recommend this book to every seeker and new member alike by loaning out copies from our library regularly. Christopher Hodapp wonderfully introduces the fraternity to those newly interested, and makes sure to caution readers when to skip a chapter if the content is better suited to someone who has become a new member.

Freemasonry on Wikipedia
This offers a detailed overview at the history and practices of our fraternity. It can be challenging to navigate at first, as Freemasonry has a very long and complex history. Dozens of Masonic organizations formed over hundreds of years, many of which did not see eye to eye with others or have since become relics of history. Some important things to remember are that while Masons are found in every country and region of our planet, it is rare to find Masonry that is identical to other jurisdictions or regions of the world.

2024 Lodge Leadership Installed December 16th, 2023

Our History

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln appointed John Goodwin as governor of the Arizona Territory. Goodwin, a Mason, established the territorial capital in Prescott.

Early in 1864, nine Masons met at Goodwin’s home and decided to petition the Grand Lodge of California for a dispensation to open a Lodge in Prescott.  In January, 1867, their request was granted. In 1881, four other lodges were established: in Phoenix, Tombstone, Tucson, and Globe. On March 25, 1882, these five lodges established the Grand Lodge of the Territory of Arizona.

Meanwhile, here in Flagstaff, the construction of the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad and the erection of a large sawmill attracted merchants, stockmen, and laborers to the area. The first train whistled into town on April 2, 1882, the same year the Grand Lodge was established.

Typical of the westward expansion elsewhere, here in Flagstaff, Masons were among the first settlers. As the community took shape, these Masons, as Masons do, recognized each other and discussed the need for a local lodge. Flagstaff was part of Yavapai County at the time and the nearest Lodge was in Prescott. Coconino County would be established in 1891.

On December 17, 1888, Grand Master Morris Goldwater (Barry Goldwater’s “favorite” uncle) came to Flagstaff to constitute Flagstaff Lodge No. 7.

On October 26, 1893, disaster struck. The lodge hall was destroyed by fire. The charter was lost. The Grand Lodge issued another charter a month later. That charter hangs in our lodge room. For the next five years after the fire, the Lodge held its meetings on the second floor of City Hall while plans were made to build a new temple.

The cornerstone of the Masonic temple was laid on Sunday, October 7, 1917, at the corner of Birch Avenue and San Francisco Street. The building was completed in 1918, but it was not dedicated until September 1919 because of the ban on meetings due to the flu epidemic. It took nearly 25 years to pay off the building debt of $31,500 and $29,000 in interest.

Flagstaff Lodge No. 7 of the Free and Accepted Masons of the Grand Lodge of Arizona has been active in our community for over 130 years. We look forward to another 130 years of practicing the principal tenets of our fraternity: brotherly love, relief, and truth.

The Principle Tenets of Freemasonry

Brotherly Love

At the core of Freemasonry is the value of brotherly love, where members embrace tolerance, respect, compassion, and understanding towards one another, regardless of differing opinions. It’s a community built on solidarity and mutual support.


Freemasons are dedicated to the principle of offering assistance to those in need, while ensuring the well-being of their loved ones. Through both internal aid to fellow members and external contributions to charitable causes, they embody the spirit of relief and support.


Through honor, integrity, and honesty, Freemasons strive for truthfulness in their self-reflection and interactions with others. Guided by high moral standards, they endeavor to embody these principles in both their public and private lives, fostering a culture of authenticity, transparency, and dedication to a higher power.